Can You Get Another Housecarl If Lydia Dies?

Is Lydia a good wife in Skyrim?

2 Lydia.

Considered among the most popular companions and marriage partners, Lydia is an iconic woman in Skyrim.

She’s relatively easy to meet, since the main quest will lead you her way.

She can now also be married..

Does Lydia live in Breezehome?

4 Answers. Lydia’s your housecarl (bodyguard), and lives in Breezehome. Outside of possible console solutions, there’s really only two ways to get her to move elsewhere: Recruit her into the Blades; my understanding is that she’ll then make Blades HQ her home when she’s not following you.

Where does Lydia go after you marry her?

PC 360 After marrying Lydia, she may exit the Temple of Mara during the ending script of the marriage ceremony. If she is not found outside immediately after exiting the Temple, she will be gone forever. Using the “player. moveto” command may teleport the Dragonborn next to her in a random location in Skyrim.

Can Lydia die forever Skyrim?

Yes, she can die.

Why can’t I marry Lydia in Skyrim?

You may have a mod interfering with this. If you don’t have at least patch 1.5, Lydia is unmarryable. To marry anyone, you have to speak with Maramel in Riften and do this Skyrim:The Bonds of Matrimony – UESPWiki wear the Amulet of Mara, and go talk to Lydia.

Does Lydia level up with you?

Lydia will level with you up until level 50.

Is Lydia worth keeping Skyrim?

It is entirely plausible to use lydia for the entire game. While certain other followers may have better stats a followers true worth is determined by the gear you provide them with and as long as you give her good gear she can be fit for endgame.

Can you get another Housecarl in Skyrim?

You can’t get another Housecarl anytime you became a Thane of a Region. … Once your housecarl dies, they are dead. you have to become thane of another hold and buy a house in order to obtain another housecarl. but they will ONLY be a guard to the house in the hold you obtained them.

How do I know if Lydia died?

Edit: You can also confirm if Lydia is dead. When she dies she gets a coffin in the Whiterun Hall of the Dead. … Try fast traveling for over 10 in-game days away from Whiterun and then go back to Whiterun and look in Breezhome (Dragonsreach if you don’t have the house).

How do you revive Lydia?

If Lydia dies… Type “resurrect” in the console window then click on the corpse so the reference id pops up and then press enter. Lydia will come back to life even if her head is chopped off. Type “setessential a2c8e 1” to make Lydia immortal.

How do I revive my followers?

If playing on the PC, use the console commands prid and resurrect 1 . Your follower should go back to life after entering these commands correctly.

Can you fire a steward in Skyrim?

Yes you can, kill her and use resurrect on her. Get someone else to be your steward. The only option to replace a steward is to kill them or disabling them, then bring another follower to your house and ask them to be a steward.

How do I teleport to Lydia?

Console command player. moveto 000A2C94 (Lydia’s ref id) will teleport the player to the NPC’s current location. Or you could use the command prid 000A2C94, hit enter and then type moveto. player and Lydia will appear by the player.

Will Lydia come back to life?

When seriously injured, Lydia will drop to one knee until she recovers. Enemies can’t kill her during this time, but she will die if struck by your weapon or spell. In the Xbox 360 version of the game, you can only revive Lydia by casting a master-level conjuration spell called Dead Thrall.

Can you get Lydia back if she dies?

If you killed her yourself, she will not be hostile toward you upon resurrection. Just make sure you ask her to follow you again. You can get Lydia after completing this quest and becoming Thane of Whiterun.

Can AELA the Huntress die?

Aela can only be killed by you. Like all companions, other NPCs will only knock her out. If you deal the killing blow, however, she will die.

Where to find Lydia if she disappears?

If that is what happened her body will still appear in the Halls eventually. Otherwise she’d be in Dragonreach or Breezehome (the buyable house in Whiterun next to the smith just inside the main gate). You may even find that after you fast travel a couple times she will just reappear behind you.

Will AELA Respawn if she dies?

User Info: Rexanator64. I married aela, And she sadly died. But if you complete the companions storyline, I believe she becomes unmarked as “essential” when she is able to become a follower. Dont worry tho, She’ll respawn inside jorrvaskr within about 1 in-game month.

How long is Lydia wait?

3 daysOnce your 3 days are up, you’ll get the “Your follower tires of waiting and leaves” message, they will return to the location you initially “hired” them from. In case of Housecarls, like Lydia, they will either return to the keep in their respective cities, or your home in said city (assuming you purchased one).

What happens when you tell Lydia It’s time to part ways?

Yes, you can get her back. She just goes back to Breezehome, or Dragonsreach if you haven’t bought it yet. If you want to be really safe, go to Breezehome and dismiss her there, so there’s no chance of her dying or getting stuck on the way home. If I get tell lydia its time for us to part ways can I get her back?

Can you marry Lydia as a woman?

User Info: unpleasant_milk. I’d patronise you if this was any other game, but yes you can marry her, just become a whiterun thane.

Can you marry serana?

Marrying Serana works just like marrying any other NPC in Skyrim, so after proposing, go to the Temple of Mara to set up the wedding – and that’s it. You’re now married to the spookiest lady in Skyrim.

What happens to Lydia if you get another follower?

If you get someone that tells you they’ll join up with you if you ask them, you’ll need to ask Lydia to ‘go home’ first before the other person can join. If you do she’ll walk back to Whiterun. I bought the home there so she goes back to my house there. I guess if you don’t have the house she’ll go back to Dragonreach.

Will my Housecarl Respawn?

If your housecarl, or any other follower for that matter dies in earnest, then they are gone forever (discounting console voodoo).

What happens if I dismiss Lydia?

She’ll head home, which is Dragonsreach or Breezehome if you have it. You’ll still be married and she’ll follow you again if you ask her to.

What happens if I kill my Housecarl in Skyrim?

Housecarls can only die if you hit them when they are down. Once they take a knee, enemies will not attack them any longer. So, basically they die only if you kill them.