Does Greg Die In Over The Garden Wall?

Does Wirt and Greg die?

In the nineth episode of OTGW we find out that Wirt and Greg fell of the wall remaining unconscious and drowning.

But Wirt and Greg were alive in the end of the show, telling their friends about the dream they had.

But that wasnt a dream, they died, but they didnt went to heaven…

They went to the purgatory..

Is over the garden wall based on Dante’s Inferno?

Over the Garden Wall is a cartoon mini-series on Cartoon Network, based on Patrick McHale’s short animated film Tome of the Unknown. … The mini-series has ten episodes; the latter nine loosely correspond to the circles of hell in Dante’s Inferno.

Is Over The Garden Wall scary?

While Over the Garden Wall only rarely offers actually scary creatures, its core story is unnerving in a way that will hang with you. The story is mostly a string to hang beautifully designed vignettes upon. Brothers Wirt and Greg are lost in the woods and need to get home.

What is the beast in over the garden wall?

The Beast is the main antagonist of Over the Garden Wall. He is the monster of The Unknown and is feared throughout it. His goal is to catch the brothers, Wirt and Gregory, and turn them into Edelwood trees in order to fuel his lantern. The Beast is voiced by Samuel Ramey.

Where is over the garden wall set?

The Unknown serves as the main setting of the series, and is the titular location in “Into the Unknown”, and “The Unknown”. The Unknown is represented largely by expansive forest, through which Wirt and Greg travel through for several days.

What art style is over the garden wall?

The visual style is also heavily suggestive of Cartoons from the 1920s-1950s. It blends the styles of classical animation with modern techniques, a continuum of the past and present. It straddles the line between childhood and maturity. Much like Wirt, The Unknown is uncertain about what it wants to be.

Is over the garden wall about death?

Further evidence can be found in the book The Art of Over the Garden Wall, which describes the Unknown as “the place between life and death, between dreams and reality.” It wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe that Greg and Wirt are “between life and death,” because the penultimate episode reveals that the brothers got …

How did over the garden wall end?

In the final episode, Wirt saves Greg from being turned into an Edelwood tree by the Beast. At the end of the episode, Wirt and Greg wake up in a hospital back in their hometown.

Is over the garden wall sad?

It’s Greg’s defining moment as a character and is incredibly heartbreaking. Wirt frantically yelling and searching for Greg when he realizes that he’s gone, leading to him falling through thin ice (although he’s saved by the fish that had been fishing earlier in the chapter) and losing consciousness.

What is Wirt short for?

In one of concept art Wirt’s original name was Walter. This may be unintentional, but his name makes a pun out of the phrase ‘Worry Wart’, aptly capturing Wirt’s disposition. The cape he wears is a WWII nurse cape. Wirt’s hat is made from what looks like a Santa hat with the fuzz cut off.

Why is it called over the garden wall?

2 Answers. TVTropes explains: The title references how Wirt and Greg are visitors in a strange land, but has a much more literal meaning. … The theme of being responsible for one’s sibling is the primary subtext between the two main characters, Wirt and Gregory, and there’s a literal falling over the garden wall involved …

What age is over the garden wall for?

Frightening & Intense Scenes The tone gets exceedingly scary and emotional the farther you go. Definitely not for younger kids. I’d say 10+. The overall tone of the series is dark and scary.

When did over the garden wall end?

November 7, 2014Over the Garden Wall/Final episode date

What did Greg wish for over the garden wall?

Greg wishes to leave the unknown, but the Queen of the Clouds says Wirt cannot, he is lost to the Beast. In his most heroic moment, Greg wishes to trade places with Wirt so he can go free. … Eventually, Greg and Wirt fall into a river and after they sink to the bottom, the events of Over the Garden Wall take place.

How old are Wirt and Greg?

Wirt is a sullen, dramatic teenager prone to reciting wistful poetry, and Greg, his half brother, is a Chaotic Good 5-year-old who wants everyone to be happy. The sibling dynamic lends gravity to the familiar odd-couple pairing.

Who does Wirt have a crush on?

Sara is described to be a generally nice girl who is polite and cordial towards everyone. Due to her outgoing and understanding personality, this attracts both Wirt and Jason’s attraction for her. She is a forward and honest person based on her easy manner of speaking.