How Much Did It Cost To Refurbish The Majestic Theater?

How big is the majestic Theatre?

James Theatre across 44th Street.

With 1,681 seats, the Majestic is one of the largest of the Broadway theaters, and has been home to primarily large musicals in its ninety year history.

The venue hosted the 50th Tony Awards in 1996, on the set of Phantom..

Who currently owns the Majestic Theater?

Arts Center Enterprises, Inc.Arts Center Enterprises, Inc., (ACE) maintains and runs the Majestic Theatre. From 1989 to 2011, the theater hosted over 4,200 events with more than five million patrons in attendance.

Is Phantom of the Opera on Broadway good?

“Phantom still delivers the goods! Judging by sheer invention, emotional punch and onstage talent, the venerable blockbuster still beats out almost all of the shippersnappers currently on Broadway.

What should I wear to the Majestic Theater in San Antonio?

There is no specific dress code for attending shows at the Majestic and Empire Theatres. Guests should wear what is appropriate for the show they are attending. We usually suggest business casual attire.

How much did it cost to refurbish the Majestic?

In 1988 it was purchased by the city of San Antonio and renovated in 1989 at a cost of $15 million. It received National Historic Landmark status in 1993. The stage was expanded in 1996, allowing the theater to accommodate major Broadway musicals, which continue to make stops in San Antonio.

How old is the Majestic Theater in San Antonio?

91c. 1929Majestic Theatre/Age

What was unique about the Majestic Theater in Texas when it was constructed?

It was intended to be the most modern and ornate building in South Texas – complete with new sound and projection equipment – and was the first theatre in the state to be totally air-conditioned. The Majestic remains one of the finest atmospheric theatres ever built.

How many seats are in the Majestic Theater?

1,645Majestic Theatre/Capacity

How old is the Majestic Theater in NYC?

93c. 1927Majestic Theatre/Age

Does Majestic Theater have valet parking?

Majestic Theatre Valet Parking Tickets.