Question: Is Mystery A Adjective?

What is the most unique number?

6174There are no valid solutions to the simultaneous equations resulting from some of the digits in {a,b,c,d} being equal.

Therefore the number 6174 is the only number unchanged by Kaprekar’s operation — our mysterious number is unique..

Is mystery a common noun?

be a mystery to someone: Why she left is still a mystery to him. shrouded/cloaked in mystery: His past is shrouded in mystery….mystery ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌singularmysterypluralmysteries

What type of word is mystery?

noun, plural mys·ter·ies. anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown: the mysteries of nature. … obscure, puzzling, or mysterious quality or character: the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile.

Is Mysteriously an adjective or adverb?

mysteriously adverb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at

What part of speech is mystery?

mysterypart of speech:nouninflections:mysteriesdefinition 1:an unknown, unexplainable, or secret matter. synonyms: enigma, puzzle, secret similar words: arcanum, conundrum, knot, obscurity, problem, question, riddle, unknown5 more rows

What is Peterson number?

A number is said to be a Peterson number if the sum of factorials of each digit of the number is equal to the number itself. Example: Input : n = 145 Output = Yes Explanation: 145 = 5!

sevenAnd the World’s Favorite Number Is… A survey launched by a British mathematics writer has found that seven is the world’s favorite number, reports The Guardian. The results of the online survey were published on Tuesday, with three, eight and and four coming second, third and fourth.

Is mystery a verb?

(transitive) To thoroughly confuse, befuddle, or bewilder.

What is the noun form of mystery?

‘Mysterious’ is the abstract noun used. The mystery is the basic word where – mysterious is the form of it in form of an abstract noun. It works as an adjective signifying the quality of the act or the character of the act. Noun would be – ‘MYSTERY’.

What is mystery number?

A mystery number is that number which can be expressed as sum of two numbers and those two numbers should be reverse of each other.

What is the adjective of mystery?

adjective. full of, characterized by, or involving mystery: a mysterious occurrence. implying or suggesting a mystery: a mysterious smile. of obscure nature, meaning, origin, etc.; puzzling; inexplicable: a mysterious inscription on the ancient tomb.

Which noun is poor?

The word ‘poor’ is a noun, a plural, uncountable noun; a word for people of little means in general. Example use: The government has many programs to help the poor . The noun form of the adjective ‘poor’ is ‘poorness’.