Question: Where Does The Name Orpheum Come From?

Who owns the Orpheum Theatre?

Robert NederlanderThe Orpheum, as well as the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco, are owned by BroadwaySF, a theatrical producing company owned by Robert Nederlander..

When was the Orpheum built?

February 15, 1926The Orpheum Theatre at 842 S. Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles opened on February 15, 1926, as the fourth and final Los Angeles venue for the Orpheum vaudeville circuit. After a $3 million renovation, started in 1989, it is the most restored of the historical movie palaces in the city.

How many people does the Orpheum seat in Memphis?

2,500Orpheum Theatre/Capacity

How old is the Orpheum?

94c. 1926The Orpheum Theatre/Age

Where is the Orpheum Julie and the Phantoms?

CaliforniaLocation. The Oprheum is a theater located in California.

What does SHN stand for?

Stay Home NoticeSHN stands for “Stay Home Notice”.

What does the word Orpheum mean?

house of OrpheusThe word “Orpheum” means “house of Orpheus” or “place of Orpheus.” “Many of the Orpheum Theatres were originally associated with the Keith Albee Orpheum vaudeville circuit, or, later, the Radio Keith Orpheum (also known as RKO, creators of King Kong and other classic films) company.

Why is Orpheum used as a name for a theater?

The Orpheum Theatre, named for the Greek mythological figure Orpheus, opened in 1926 as the fourth and final Los Angeles venue for the Orpheum circuit, and the second Orpheum Theatre to be built on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles.

How many Orpheum theaters are there?

20 Orpheum TheatresToday, there are less than 20 Orpheum Theatres still operating in the United States; two of them are in Arizona – in Phoenix and Flagstaff.

How old is SHN?

It was founded in 1977 by Broadway producers Carole Shorenstein Hays and Robert Nederlander as Shorenstein Hays Nederlander Theatres (Later abbreviated to SHN) as a promoter of short engagements of national touring productions of plays and musicals.

How old is the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco?

94c. 1926Orpheum Theatre/Age

What was the vaudeville circuit?

Vaudeville, a farce with music. In the United States the term connotes a light entertainment popular from the mid-1890s until the early 1930s that consisted of 10 to 15 individual unrelated acts, featuring magicians, acrobats, comedians, trained animals, jugglers, singers, and dancers.