Quick Answer: Does Saitama Die?

Is Saitama a God?

No he is not a God.

But Saitama has broken free of his limiter which bind the physical capabilities of a materialistic body like human body or a monsters body.

He is a normal, average, human being, who became immeasurably strong through his dedication and training to become a hero..

Can Goku beat Saitama?

Goku can only beat Saitama when Goku uses master ultra instinct? That’s like saying a human can only kill an ant by bombarding it with nuclear weapons. Saitama is very strong, but he’s nowhere near the level of power Goku is at. Saitama’s feats don’t scale anywhere near what Goku has accomplished.

How fast can Saitama punch?

299,792,458 m/s.Light speed is well known as 299,792,458 m/s. I am not saying he moved light speed when using his serious punch. I am saying he went so close that all the whole number digits match.

Who knows Saitama’s strength?

Characters who know that his strength is truly out of this world: Genos, Zombieman, Amai Mask, Garou and possibly King (although he won’t say one way or the other). Amai Mask will certainly not stand in his way when his nomination to S-Class comes up, which is saying a lot.

Do any heroes die in one punch man?

The Strongest Hero Melzargard – Killed by Atomic Samurai,Bang,Metal Bat and Puri-Puri Prisoner by destroying his marbles. 5 Dark Matter Thieves – Disintegrated by Boros’ attack. Lord Boros – Killed by Saitama’s Serious Punch. Remaining Dark Matter Thieves (At least 16) – Killed when Boros’ ship crashed into the ground.

Does Saitama fight God?

In an effort to save the universe, Saitama punches God in the face, in the non-canonical One-Punch Man: The Fight of Gods, a fan-made comic based on the popular anime, manga and webcomic.

Can the death note kill Saitama?

No, the death note can’t kill Saitama.

Can Saitama beat Thanos?

Saitama (One Punch Man) He’s certainly powerful enough to dodge Reality Stone waves, Power Stone blasts, and anything else that Thanos can throw at him. If you don’t think he is, then consider Saitama as a gag anime as much as it is a superhero show.

How strong is Saitama punch?

it is stated in the databook that he could destroy a star. that’s equivalent to 2.24*10^32 J of power. One punch man is a satirical character. He is a character who is bored, because no matter whom he fights, he easily beats them with one-punch.

Does Saitama have a weakness?

Saitama has no weakness. … But Saitama doesent need oxygen, he doesent even realize that he is in space and when he does he does the normal thing any human being would have done, holding his/her breath.

Who could defeat Saitama?

Long story short, No., there is no one who can beat Saitama. He could and would 1 punch them all.

What if Saitama punched himself?

In other words, his arm must be able to sustain the force of his punch. … Therefore, if he serious-punched himself, he would do no damage because he threw incredibly powerful punches but his fist didn’t even get bruised and neither did his arm get hurt.