Quick Answer: What Detail Suggests That Mr Dussel May Be A Hypochondriac?

Who does Anne Frank feel closest to?

Otto FrankHover for more information.

Anne feels closest to her father Otto Frank in Act One, because she fights with her mother and everyone thinks her sister is perfect.

When Anne and her family and the Van Daans come to the Secret Annex, they have a little trouble getting along..

What did Anne Frank get for her 14th birthday?

Suddenly she wakes up and remembers she is in the annex, and her 14th birthday will be a much more modest affair. Her family give her whatever they can, but the only present that really excites her is the bar of chocolate she is given.

What is the matter with Mr Koophuis Anne Frank?

Johannes Kleiman (17 August 1896 – 28 January 1959) was one of the Dutch residents who helped hide Anne Frank and her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. In the published version of Frank’s diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, he is given the pseudonym Mr. Koophuis.

Who does Mr Dussel share a room with?

Why was it alright for Anne to share a room with Mr. Dussel, but would not be alright for Margot to do so?

Who snitched on the Franks?

Willem Van MaarenFor decades suspicion centred on a man called Willem Van Maaren, who worked in the warehouse attached to the Franks’ hiding place. But two police investigations – one immediately after the war and another in the 1960s – turned up nothing and Van Maaren died in 1971 professing his innocence.

Why do the Franks agree to take in Mr Dussel?

In The Diary of Anne Frank, Act I, what causes the Franks to agree to take in Mr. Dussel? He is an old friend of the family from the days before they moved to Amsterdam. He could bring them extra food and supplies.

What did Mr Dussel do?

Friedrich “Fritz” Pfeffer (30 April 1889 – 20 December 1944) was a German dentist and Jewish refugee who hid with Anne Frank and her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. He perished in the Neuengamme concentration camp in Northern Germany.

What is Mr Kralers real name?

Victor KuglerVictor Kugler (5 June 1900 – 14 December 1989) was one of the people who helped hide Anne Frank and her family and friends during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. In Anne Frank’s posthumously published diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, he was referred to under the name Mr. Kraler.

What made the inhabitants of the secret annex afraid for their lives?

Hunger, loneliness and fear Many people in hiding went hungry, as did the residents of the Secret Annex, who were faced with scarce supplies and a lack of food, particularly during the last years of the war. In addition, hiding could be mentally exhausting.

What kind of person is Mr Dussel?

Albert Dussel A dentist and an acquaintance of the Franks who hides with them in the annex. His real name is Fritz Pfeffer, but Anne calls him Mr. Dussel in the diary.

How does Anne Frank feel about Mr Dussel?

The residents of the annex use too much electricity and exceed their ration. Anne begins to feel that Mr. Dussel is a strict disciplinarian and has too many opinions about etiquette. She writes that it is very difficult being “the badly brought-up center of attention in a family of nitpickers.” Hanukkah and St.

What terrible news does Mr Dussel bring Anne?

What bad news does Mr. Dussel bring Anne when he first arrives? The bad news that Mr. Dussel gives Anne when he first arrives id that Anne’s best friend Jopie and her family was gone.

What dangerous activity is Mr Dussel involved in?

What is Mr. Dussel doing that is very dangerous? Playing classical music very loudly. Writing letters to people outside of the Secret Annex.

What two things were stolen during the burglary?

The burglars managed to take two cash boxes containing forty guilders, blank giro and bank cheques, and coupons for 150 kilograms of sugar. Anne was especially sorry about the latter, because it would be difficult to replace that many coupons. ‘We had all stopped breathing audibly by then.

Why does Mr Frank want to leave Amsterdam?

Frank told Miep he was leaving to Amsterdam because he doesn’t want to be reminded of all of the bad things that was happening and has happened. Mr. … Being caught by the green police and being sent to camps to get murdered frightens Anne the most about being in hiding.