Quick Answer: What If I Fail In MBBS 2nd Year?

Which is the hardest subject in MBBS?

But – you know that only bones in the human body are more than 200 — and each has its own name in Latin.

So it’s really the hardest tough subject in MBBS, according to most students’ opinion.

In addition, it is underlies any subsequent special subjects, be it paediatrics or ophthalmology..

Which is tough MBBS or IIT?

Both are good. Both engineering and medicine are highly competitive fields. Entry into MBBS is much tougher than engineering. The number of medical seat is comparable to the number of seats in IITs alone.

What if I fail in MBBS 1st year?

So if you fail in first year following may happen… academically- you have to now clear that subject in the upcoming supplementary exam which is after 45 days….. u have to pass separately in theory and practical by atleast 50 percent….

What can I do in MBBS for 2nd year?

When in second MBBs do your subjects thoroughly . Pharmac and patho are very important for PG entrance. Don’t take short cuts. Read Robbins and KDT from cover to cover….Then fix yourself a daily time-table.Pharmac-your biggest challenge. … Pathology-Go Qbank wise. … Microbiology-Read one bacteria/.More items…

Is studying MBBS easy?

The MBBS is an undergraduate degree programme in medical field. It takes the duration of 5.5 years for the completion of the degree. It is very tough to pursue the MBBS course. This course is now in heavy demand by the students after 12th.

What are the 19 subjects in MBBS?

MBBS Course SubjectsHuman Anatomy.General Medicine.Orthopaedics.Human physiology including biophysics.Introduction to Humanities and community medicine.Biochemistry.Radiotherapy.Ophthalmology.More items…•

Is MBBS harder than engineering?

So based on the quantity of information, MBBS is harder because human anatomy and physiology is vast. … Then MBBS is easier to him/her as compared to the engineering. Apart from the interests MBBS is a course which is related to the human health. In this course the person is treating with sick people.

Is MBBS tougher than IAS?

The coursework for MBBS is as rigorous as the syllabus of IAS. Many of them also spend a lot of money to bag seats in medical colleges. This does not deter doctors from taking up the challenge of mastering the IAS syllabus.

Is MBBS tough for an average student?

Originally Answered: Is MBBs easy for an average student? YES. Mbbs is a course where I believe it is difficult to fail and difficult to top. As long as one consistently studies i.e studies regularly or semiregularly it is easy to pass by a decent margin.

Does marks matter in MBBS?

Originally Answered: Does marks matter in MBBS exams? No, it doesn’t matter at all. The only marks that matter in MBBS are your PG entrance exam marks because they are going to decide the speciality in which you are gonna specialize.

Is 2nd year MBBS tough?

it’s definitely the second year… coz u’ve to finish the paraclinical subjects as well as start preparing for the clinical part of all major subjects…. final yr is also tough but less tougher thn second year if u have studied nicely in 3rd minor…

How many students fail in MBBS 1st year?

About 10-15% students fail in all subjects.