Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between A Lesson And A Module?

What is a learning module?

A Learning Module is an organized collection of content presented together.

A Learning Module can support a course goal, a course objective, a subject, a concept, or a theme.

Alternatively, instructors can allow students to explore the content in a Learning Module in any order, and at their own pace..

What are the main points that have been covered in the e learning module?

E-LEARNING MODULESEnsuring safe and effective patient care through training.Establishing and maintaining an environment for learning.Teaching and facilitating learning.Enhancing learning through assessment.Supporting and monitoring educational progress.Guiding personal and professional development.More items…

Is a module function?

A module has specification part and could contain internal function; but, it does not have any statements between the specification part and the keyword CONTAINS. Consequently, a module does not contains statements to be executed as in a program.

What is another word for module?

n. compartment, constituent, computer circuit, element, component.

How does a module work?

Modules can load each other and use special directives export and import to interchange functionality, call functions of one module from another one: export keyword labels variables and functions that should be accessible from outside the current module. import allows the import of functionality from other modules.

What is e learning with example?

Definition: A learning system based on formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources is known as E-learning. While teaching can be based in or out of the classrooms, the use of computers and the Internet forms the major component of E-learning.

What is a module?

A module is a separate unit of software or hardware. Typical characteristics of modular components include portability, which allows them to be used in a variety of systems, and interoperability, which allows them to function with the components of other systems. The term was first used in architecture.

What is module example?

When a fence has six-foot lengths, each six-foot length is an example of a module. When a machine has multiple parts that can stand separately and be put together, each part is an example of a module. … A length used as a unit of measurement or as a standard for determining the proportions of a building.

What are the parts of learning module?

The list below contains examples of module components, though it is by no means inclusive:Overview/Introduction. … Lecture Notes. … Assignments/Exercises. … Discussion/Interaction. … Labs/Practice Exercises/Worked Examples. … Summary.

What are the types of modules?

Integromat distinguishes five types of modules: Actions, Searches, Triggers, Aggregators and Iterators .

What is Python module?

Modules in Python are simply Python files with a .py extension. The name of the module will be the name of the file. A Python module can have a set of functions, classes or variables defined and implemented.

How long should an eLearning module be?

Through countless hours of instructional design, field testing, and client feedback, I have found that 30 minutes is about the maximum, and less than 15 is too short. The exact number of minutes between 15 and 30 should be dictated by the depth and number of objectives in the learning module.

What is a online module?

An e-module is a 10 – 15 minute e-learning platform that has no more than one or two learning concepts and incorporates a blend of teaching and assessment tools that may include video clips, direct instruction, gaming elements and social media.