Quick Answer: Why Did Shanks Meet With The 5 Elders?

Who did Shanks want to talk about?

Shanks met with Gorôsei to talk about a certain pirate during the Reverie.

I think the person of interest there was Blackbeard.

Because, Shanks wants to beat all the other Emperors and Blackbeard is comparatively the weakest among the Yonko..

What did Shanks talk about with the 5 elders?

In chapter 907 the Five Elders meet with Shanks, who wishes to talk to them about “a certain pirate”. 2- When Whitebeard met Shanks he said a guy gave him a scar and the wound he got from “that guy” aches whenever he looks at Shanks’ face. …

What did Shanks say to the elders?

Shanks entered the hall of the 5 elders, respectfully asked for permission to talk with them about a “certain” pirate, and they accepted.

Why did Shanks go to reverie?

Shanks chose reverie so that he can avoid unnecessary attention. The Gorosei have high regards for Shanks since they didn’t decline him to discuss about a certain pirate and that makes me think they have relationship with him.

Are the five elders strong one piece?

The Five Elders, also known as Gorosei, are those who, apparently, sit at the top of the hierarchy of the Nobles in One Piece. Given that they are the leaders of basically everything, they possess tremendous power and hold almost everything in the palm of their hands.

What did Shanks talk to the Gorosei about?

It’s very clear Shanks is there to either talk about Blackbeard or Luffy. The reason why is because Shanks is the symbol of maintaining balance between all the Great Powers. Unlike other yonko Shanks only fights to defend people he cares for and his crew.