What Are Safety Light Curtains?

What is light barrier sensor?


Contrary to diffuse or through beam sensors, SmartReflect light barriers feature a closed light beam which is set up between the sensor and machine.

The sensor switches when an object interrupts the light beam..

How do stage curtains work?

Rings are sewn onto the curtain so that cables running through the rings draw the curtain up to open it. There is no visible difference between a curtain that opens on a track and a Brail curtain, until the curtain opens by gathering up its rings as the cables move through the rings that are raised.

What is water curtain?

: a sheet of water usually formed from above (as at the proscenium arch of a theater or in a mine) especially as a screen to prevent spread of fire.

How does a fire curtain work?

Although they’re an active system, fire curtains are used for compartmentation. In open plan and complex buildings, fire curtains compartmentalise space in the same way that fire doors do. They drop down and seal an area off, containing the fire from floor to ceiling, within the perimeter of the curtain (or curtains).

What is a light barrier?

The theoretical maximum speed that any physical object or information can travel at – the speed of light. … An opto-electronic device used in security applications, also known as a light curtain.

What happens when the light field is broken while using a photoelectric presence sensing device ie light curtain )?

The photoelectric (optical) presence-sensing device uses a system of light sources and controls which can interrupt the machine’s operating cycle. If the light field is broken, the machine stops and will not cycle.

What is a safety curtain used for?

All larger British theatres contain safety curtains, and the rule for proscenium arch theatres at present is that they should offer protection to the audience against fire to prevent the kind of disasters which struck in the past in events such as the Iroquois Theatre fire in Chicago in 1903.

How do safety light curtains work?

Unlike photoelectric sensors, safety light curtains use self-checking circuitry to monitor the curtain for internal faults. If an internal fault is detected, the safety light curtain immediately sends a stop signal to the guarded machine. The light curtain then enters a lockout condition.

What is light curtain muting?

Light curtains are used to detect attempted access to a hazardous area. … Two-sensor L-type muting is used to let product pass through a light curtain without interrupting the normal Run mode of the machinery. Two-sensor L-type muting can be used only at exit points of the hazardous area.