What Does Emotionally Bereft Mean?

What does asunder mean?

adverb, adjective into separate parts; in or into pieces: Lightning split the old oak tree asunder.

apart or widely separated: as wide asunder as the polar regions..

What does adulterated mean?

verb (used with object), a·dul·ter·at·ed, a·dul·ter·at·ing. to debase or make impure by adding inferior materials or elements; use cheaper, inferior, or less desirable goods in the production of (any professedly genuine article): to adulterate food.

What is another word for asunder?

In this page you can discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for asunder, like: apart, in pieces, to shreds, dismantled, into pieces, in bits and pieces, into bits and pieces, sundered, dissected, in two parts and divided.

What is the opposite of bereft?

bereft. Antonyms: endowed, enriched, compensated, consoled, possessed. Synonyms: robbed, deprived, destitute, denied, spoiled.

What does it mean to be emotionally charged?

Answered June 24, 2016. To me, “emotionally charged” means strong, raw, uninhibited emotion. It usually refers to an intense interpersonal exchange or an intense relationship between two people. It refers to an emotional “electricity” which can be negative or positive, but always dynamic and possibly explosive.

How do you use bereft in a sentence?

Bereft in a Sentence 🔉When my husband died, I felt bereft of love and hope. … The car accident left Jeremiah bereft of the ability to move because of a spinal cord injury. … After learning she had won the lottery, Betty was bereft of speech. … The bereft parents felt hopeless when they learned of their daughter’s death.More items…

What part of speech is bereft?

bereftpart of speech:verbdefinition:past participle of bereave. The war had bereft them of their homes and their hope.part of speech:adjective5 more rows

What does oft mean slang?

OFT — One-Way Function Tree. OFT — Office of Fair Trading. OFT — Orbital Flight Test. OFT — Outer Fix Time.

How do you use asunder?

In Crete she was said to have issued from a cloud burst asunder by Zeus. After ten months the tree burst asunder and from it came forth Adonis.

What does it mean to feel bereft?

adj sorrowful through loss or deprivation. “bereft of hope” Synonyms: bereaved, grief-stricken, grieving, mourning, sorrowing sorrowful. experiencing or marked by or expressing sorrow especially that associated with irreparable loss.

What does yearning mean?

to have an earnest or strong desire; long: to yearn for a quiet vacation. to feel tenderness; be moved or attracted:They yearned over their delicate child.

What’s the meaning of Deploy?

transitive verb. 1a : to extend (a military unit) especially in width. b : to place in battle formation or appropriate positions deploying troops to the region. 2 : to spread out, utilize, or arrange for a deliberate purpose deploy a sales force deploy a parachute.

What does torn asunder mean?

into separate piecesAsunder is an adverb that means “into separate pieces.” So if you’ve torn your ex’s love letter asunder, you’ve forcefully ripped it into separate pieces — and rightly so.