What Is A Sentence For Negate?

What does negate the sentence mean?

transitive verb.

1 : to deny the existence or truth of negated and denied her own honest reactions— Sara H.


2 : to cause to be ineffective or invalid Alcohol can negate the effects of some medicines.

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What is an example of negation?

Some words such as ever, anybody, anyone, anything, anywhere, instead of never, nobody, no one, nothing, nowhere, etc. represent the Negation. Examples: I do not think he can ever reach within time.

What is a sentence for eliminate?

The body naturally eliminates waste products. The company plans to eliminate more than 2,000 jobs in the coming year. She’s trying to eliminate fatty foods from her diet. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘eliminate.

What is another word for negate?

Some common synonyms of negate are abrogate, annul, invalidate, and nullify.

What is mean by negate?

verb (used with object), ne·gat·ed, ne·gat·ing. to deny the existence, evidence, or truth of: an investigation tending to negate any supernatural influences. to nullify or cause to be ineffective: Progress on the study has been negated by the lack of funds.

How can I negate in English?

Negation is the process that turns an affirmative statement into its opposite denial. Verbs in English are negated by placing the word not after an auxiliary or modal.

What are negative English words?

The most common negative words are no and not. Other negative words include: neither, never, no one, nobody, none, nor, nothing, nowhere: She’s never been abroad.

Is Don’t a negation?

Can’t, don’t, and won’t are all common negatives (as well as isn’t, doesn’t, and not). Words like never and nobody are negatives too—they just express disagreement in a different way.

What is the negation strategy?

1. Review the negation definition strategy. Paragraphs using the negation strategy explain what something is by showing what it is not. Pointing out what the subject is not can make what it is clearer to the reader.

What are the different types of negation in English?

Types of Sentence Negation “It is usual to distinguish between two types of non-affixal sentence negation in English: firstly, negation with not or -n’t; and secondly, negation with the negative words never, neither, nobody, no, none, nor, nothing and nowhere.

What do you mean by negation of negation?

A negation is a refusal or denial of something. A negation is a statement that cancels out or denies another statement or action. … “I didn’t kill the butler” could be a negation, along with “I don’t know where the treasure is.” The act of saying one of these statements is also a negation.