Why Did Subaru Kill REM?

Does Subaru go insane?

Subaru snaps out of his “insanity” immediately as Rem is killed and made a mockery of.

He was in shock, but that was hardly enough to drive him to insanity..

How did REM die RE Zero?

But Rem dies randomly from a disease, and this causes Ram to go on a death-seeking rampage, and, well, Subaru and his mysterious witch scent is suspicious. Roswaal himself, showing the ability to summon glowing rainbow balls, also makes an attempt to attack Subaru, while he’s defended by Beatrice.

Did jealous save Misa?

Having fallen in love with Misa, Gelus uses his Death Note to kill Misa’s destined murderer, against Rem’s protests. Gelus dies to save Misa’s life. … Rem delivers his Death Note to Misa because it was she whom he saved, as she feels it is right.

Is Subaru in love with REM?

So it is clearly stated that Rem loves Subaru and that Subaru rejected Rem as he loves Emilia, but they are still friends. The light novel makes it more obvious that they have feelings for each other and Arc’s 4-6 take place after the events of the anime.

Why is Subaru cursed?

His curse is to fall in love with a silver haired elf so that he gets compelled to get close to her (in this case Emilia) and, once he gets corrupted enough, be forced to place Satella’s spirit which he is carrying inside that elf’s body. That way Satella gets reincarnated and she can haunt the world again.

What killed REM?

After they fought the whale rem, crush and Subaru parted ways, with rem and crush going to the town (if i recall correctly from the anime). While they were going to the town the sin of gluttony himself attacked them, killing rem and crush losing her memories.

Is REM in love with Misa?

Film. Rem in the film is much like her anime and manga counterpart. She is devoted to Misa and attempts to protect her at any cost, including giving her own life. In the second movie, Rem declares her love for Misa and her contempt for Light moments before her death.

Is REM coming back to re Zero?

‘Re: Zero’ Season 2 Rumors, Spoilers: Rem Not Coming Back Soon; Series To Focus On Emilia’s Struggle To Throne. … Gluttony will only show up in Arc 5, and he is still alive while Rem remains unconscious in Arc 6. Not to mention, it isn’t even sure if Rem will really wake up if Gluttony is killed.

Why can’t Subaru tell anyone about return by death?

The main rule is that Subaru can never reveal this ability to others. If he does, his heart will be grasped by Satella’s Unseen Hand, which might serve either as a warning or, in some cases, death. … The second curse is that anyone who he has managed to tell about it might die.

Did Misa kill herself at the end of Death Note?

Ten years have passed since Light died. … Although she fails to kill Ryuzaki (whose name was written on a Death Note prior similar to L), she commits suicide by writing her own name, scribbled “Misa Amane dies in Light Yagami’s hands”.

Is Subaru the sin of pride?

So after episode 15 it becomes clear that Subaru is the archbishop of sin Pride, which up till now it makes sense with all of his actions from his cockyness and his selfishness. Now some of the other ones are a bit harder to pin down but one of the most current ones is the sin of wrath. …

How did Elsa Granhiert die?

Having no parents, Elsa grew up as a thief on the streets of Gusteko, the icy kingdom located to the north of Lugunica. One day, Granhiert was caught stealing and was forced to slit her captor’s stomach open when he tried to rape her, marking her first kill.

Is Emilia in love with Subaru?

After many trials and tribulations together, she began to subconsciously develop feelings for Subaru during the latter half of Arc 4. Emilia felt really glad that Subaru called her troublesome woman and gave her proper attention. After their relationship strengthened, he officially became her knight.

Is Roswaal a bad guy?

Mathers (originally born as Roswaal A. Mathers), also known as The Green, The Red, and The Yellow, is a major anti-villain in the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its 2016 anime television series & 2014 manga adaptations of the same name.

Why did REM die?

2 Answers. In that movie, Rem died due to the rule where a shinigami will die if he explicitly tries to extend someone’s life by killing another using the death note. This happened because Kira guided L towards Misa as the second Kira. Once L has proven that she is, she will be executed.

Does Subaru ever get with REM?

Rem. After initially starting out as enemies, Rem eventually comes to fall for Subaru after he ends up emotionally and physically saving her during the events of the second arc, where afterwards she began devoting herself to him.

Did Misa kill herself in Death Note?

In the manga volume 13 Misa’s status is shown dead so yes, she committed suicide. … She gave up three quarters of her life but she inherited Rem’s lifespan when Rem died saving Misa. So arguably she had a quite long lifespan.

What was Misa’s original lifespan?

Yet according to her wiki page, she dies in 2011 at the age of 26, only seven years after Rem died. Does this mean that humans are also capable of reducing their own lifespans?