Why Does Antony Call Brutus Honorable?

How does Antony feel about Brutus?

Antony feels that Brutus was an honorable man because he was never jealous of Caesar..

What does Antony say to Caesar’s body?

Mark Antony, take Caesar’s body. You are not to blame us in your funeral speech, but may speak however well you can of Caesar, and say that you do so by our permission. Otherwise, you will have no hand at all in his funeral. And you’ll speak from the same platform to which I’m going now, after I’m done.

How is Brutus speech effective?

Brutus wanted to justify the conspirators in their assassination of Caesar, a beloved leader. He does that very effectively by appealing to the crowd, telling them that although he loved Caesar, he loved Rome more.

What is Brutus persuasive goal?

Which speech was more Persuasive ? Brutus used ethics by pointing out that he is very loyal to Rome before before he is even loyal to his closest friends. His goal was to impress the commoners.

What did Brutus say at Caesar’s funeral?

Come I to speak in Caesar’s funeral. He was my friend, faithful and just to me: But Brutus says he was ambitious; And Brutus is an honourable man.

What is ironic about Cassius’s death?

It is ironic that Cassius is motivated to commit suicide when Brutus’s forces actually defeated Octavius’s army. Cassius was given the wrong information and believed that Brutus’s army was defeated. Therefore, Cassius had no reason to request that Pindarus kill him, which is one reason why his death is ironic.

What does Antony call Brutus?

Antony calls Brutus the noblest Roman of all because Brutus was the only one of the conspirators to do what he did in the interest of Rome, rather than for personal gain. … Antony’s comments upon finding Brutus’s body form an interesting counterpoint to his speech over Caesar’s body.

What mistake does Brutus make in speaking first?

Brutus tells Cassius that Brutus will speak first and that Antony will have to swear not to say anything bad about the conspirators. What promise does Anthony give Brutus about his funeral speech? He won’t say anything bad about the conspirators.

What is Brutus afraid of?

When Caesar is dismissive of the soothsayer, Brutus fears that Caesar’s egotism prevents him for exercising his wisdom. Moreover, Brutus is worried Caesar may become king now that Pompey has died and Caesar is the only remaining member of the triumvirate.

What was Brutus speech about?

You might also want to include some notes as to why this is Logos, Pathos or Ethos. BRUTUS’ SPEECH: Brutus persuades his audience (common people) that he had good and noble reasons to kill Caesar. His message is that he had to kill Caesar because Caesar was too ambitious and he would enslave the Romans if he lived.

What is the difference between Antony and Brutus speech?

Brutus’ speech was very short and to the point and spoke to the logic of the people in the crowd. For example, Brutus spoke in a detached way about Caesar’s death while Antony spoke to the emotions of the crowd by crying and talking about all the good things that Caesar did for Rome.

What kind of person is Brutus?

Brutus is a complex character. He has always been thought of as honorable and noble. He has strict moral and ethical beliefs that guide his life and guide his desire to protect the people of Rome, but he appears hypocritical when he becomes involved in the plot to commit murder.

Why was Brutus buried as an honorable man?

It is more “honorable” for Brutus to save face and take his own life than it is to be captured and appear weak. Because Brutus does not fear death, he is deemed brave, self-possessed, and a model of Roman virtue.

Why does Brutus allow Antony to speak?

3) Why does Brutus allow Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral? Brutus allows Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral in the hopes that doing so will work to the conspirators’ benefit. … Brutus’s mistake in letting Antony speak derails the conspirators’ cause and leads to tragedy.